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Lotus flower composition
have so on cultivating flowers, branch and trunk stand erect, dark green of leaf, that replica ugg cardy boots leaf is greatly like a huge umbrella, pink of flower petal.This is the lotus replica ugg cardy boots flower.
silt but don’t dye pure Lian of Zhuo but not demon this is people’s description to it, it represents in people’s impression clean and pure and noble.In the dirty silt, its Ao however stand erect.Still keep blooming, launch its aroma joss-stick.In the silt, it is so of nobility.Being like the nobility in the civilian is general.
lotus flower, it has no laurel blossom so aroma to come into nostrils;There is also no peony so gorgeous aroma joss-stick;There is also no plum flower to be so gorgeous;It is many Zis to also have no peach blossom so 妸 Nuo.But, her don’t follow the bad example of others with replica ugg cardy boots customs of personality but make me like.Each time be beaten by the icy cold rain water after bending from the waist it but the still strong station rise;Be heavily surrounded by the silt, but it remains is that sort of clean and pure.Face these, it has no interesting complaint.Because it knows if didn’t wear some silts to its nutrition, it couldn’t bloom so pretty flower.
the lotus flower made people know, clean and pure can’t be polluted by the dirty environment.In fact people drive dirty Be just they, we should study to be like lotus flower and every moment keep noble honor, will not drive customs pollute.
my wish is a lotus flower, engrave to keep own in the Hun muddy environment China Times clean and pure, beautiful.Order to review:
the author is that we described a beautiful lotus flower, the author returned at the same time we described it is noble of honor, not drive the Hun nobility of muddy pollution.

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by this time and suddenly come to many customers and buy thing

The younger sister got sick
the sky there is radiant fine drizzle still, the pedestrians out of the window beat an umbrella, along the very wet street being sprinkled by rain quickly once walked.Today, I decide to see a younger sister who got sick several days with mother.
arrive at a hospital, I and mother’s one eye see sit that naughty pack of younger sister in the sickroom of towarding the stairs, positive with her elder sister sit on the bed looking at her that 《is 100,000 why 》 .Pitiful younger sister head up tie up gauze, there is also the head that a needle that loses a liquid puts at her up, lose a liquid.Mother-in-law Chen who listens to a flank says that the not so bad younger sister hasn’t become angry today.To I listen to mother say, yesterday’s time, younger sister because after finishing losing a liquid to go home, not obedient, get a beating of aunt.Is alas, the aunt is to beat on younger sister, painful in oneself’s in the mind.
afterwards, we fix to go the store of leaving not far aunt’s house in the hospital and just hadn’t walked to half of roads, see an aunt urgently and in a hurry run come over, an ask just know, appeared condition again at the younger sister of hospital, she must go to a hospital at once and please us to shine on to take a look her store.Arrive at store, by this time and suddenly come to many customers and buy thing, there are some prices of things we really don’t know, the mother makes a phone call to ask an aunt, aunt again urgently blunt blunt the ground ran back and sold thing, arranged everything in the good store, and then ran once right away hospital and picked up the younger sister who will soon go home.Is alas, be really wretchedness the world parents’ heart.
here, wishing of my sincerity wishes a younger sister don’t the rebirth got sick

cheap uggs Don’t fight.Want

The issue of eyes
one day, in a silent corner, four eyes that gleam different ray of light ran into together, hence this corner start to be noisy.
first, a Shan wears eyes of crystal bright ray of light to compete first say:Here cheap uggs in the world, I feel, the knowledge examination is the most important, 60 cent not go, 98 cent also not go, test 100 cent, so I want to read, study, study, read every day.Lo sees me nearsighted!
at this time, another Shan wears eyes of greedy ray of light to say at;There is knowledge that have what like?Is still rather rich good!Being rich can buy a lot of things, regardless you use what knowledge creation what wealth, I can buy, so I think still rich good.
at this time, the stare consumedly of, put eyes of different ray of light to defy spirit ground to say:There is knowledge, rich, how again?Alas, also rather keep a physical stature of stick stick, be a football athlete, kick up ball to come to tiger tiger to living breeze, again Zheng big money, and then contend for honor, does that just shout bravo, do you understand?
proper their endless debatable of time, the eyes that gleams to worry ray of light say:Don’t fight.Want, we are all living here beautifully on the earth, enjoy sunlight rain dew, so we should take good care of this beautiful Earth.If there is no the Earth, can have us, ability someone, can have today?So, I say that taking good care of our Earths is the most important.I advise you, use your knowledge, wealth, healthy body, construct us together this beauty of everyone garden area ball, one grass on the earth one wood, each small river become more beautiful, that just go!
those three eyes listenned to, all ashamed get lowly cheap uggs head, hence this corner also temporarily quieted down.But didn’t lead for several cheap uggs minutes, this corner again the jollification got up, those eyes start quarreling again.At this time, what they disputed how constucts good Earth, this beautiful home.
like this the issue be still having never stopped ground to carry on to order to review:
read this article, I was really a little author ability like this of observation analytical skill and association of thought ability but happy.Four different eyes make people associate to four kinds of different viewpoints of people to the thing, and expressed her position and standpoint from it, ordered the center of understanding the article.From the article, we aren’t difficult to see little author’s understanding to the thing having certain depth.