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The younger sister got sick
the sky there is radiant fine drizzle still, the pedestrians out of the window beat an umbrella, along the very wet street being sprinkled by rain quickly once walked.Today, I decide to see a younger sister who got sick several days with mother.
arrive at a hospital, I and mother’s one eye see sit that naughty pack of younger sister in the sickroom of towarding the stairs, positive with her elder sister sit on the bed looking at her that 《is 100,000 why 》 .Pitiful younger sister head up tie up gauze, there is also the head that a needle that loses a liquid puts at her up, lose a liquid.Mother-in-law Chen who listens to a flank says that the not so bad younger sister hasn’t become angry today.To I listen to mother say, yesterday’s time, younger sister because after finishing losing a liquid to go home, not obedient, get a beating of aunt.Is alas, the aunt is to beat on younger sister, painful in oneself’s in the mind.
afterwards, we fix to go the store of leaving not far aunt’s house in the hospital and just hadn’t walked to half of roads, see an aunt urgently and in a hurry run come over, an ask just know, appeared condition again at the younger sister of hospital, she must go to a hospital at once and please us to shine on to take a look her store.Arrive at store, by this time and suddenly come to many customers and buy thing, there are some prices of things we really don’t know, the mother makes a phone call to ask an aunt, aunt again urgently blunt blunt the ground ran back and sold thing, arranged everything in the good store, and then ran once right away hospital and picked up the younger sister who will soon go home.Is alas, be really wretchedness the world parents’ heart.
here, wishing of my sincerity wishes a younger sister don’t the rebirth got sick

silently attention rise the teacher’s eyes.Although put on glasses

My neologism teacher Wen
Ding bell bell 1 string hurriedly of have a class bell ring is a short moment utter silence in classroom later on.This is to school begins to the first language lesson, the classmates seem to be excited and some serious.But my heart in is more jittery, fantasize the new teacher’s devil image
Ta Ta this heel of shoe kiss with ground of voice, gradually spread to°from the building way classroom doorway.This voices are all like firm in my at heart.I worked well to endure long hardship of preparation.Finally she came in to wear homeliness, a pair of glasses bring into relief its identity.Appearance about 30 years old, shorter and pretty fat.Another detail I don’t dare to see more and fear is as opposite as her vision, make her the first to remember me.
she supplely walks platform and have never aroused one to ring everyone well, I is your language the teacher is after her some kind of brief and overall introduction, I know that she is Chen.Her introduction method is obviously more special she handed over to active power everyone.Adopted the form of news conference.Her suggest a to speak, under the set one sob.No one dares to confront with her.She look like the idea of seeing everyone and chatted a meeting again with us sky, unexpectedly and skillfully perfect workly led out the ask type introduction.Many classmates in the class all hanged up for teacher Chen to.How many braves of the male classmate ask teacher Chen various questions and have excessively somely, the Diao carries some you home how is background?Teaching few years have the family already denied complaint?This under can get to make teacher Chen be getting more embarrassed.Teacher Chen but milli- are inattentive, on the contrary 11 dialogues, look like have already worked well preparation.This make me feel keenly to respect and admire and let me gradually deepen to teacher Chen’s impression.
can speak you the story in childhood?
subsequently teacher Chen speaks to have he or she’s story to everyone.She pushed to push glasses and imitated the Buddha is hatching sentence, even think of is recalling my childhood in the poor mountain area, science and technology had no at that time so flourishing now, there is no electric light, didn’t even apply of the pileup teacher Chen’s, seemed to return to her childhood.Certain flash across in her brain a way the recollection that is worth collecting as treasure.She the eyebrow Cape slightly make to unfold, or pushed to push glasses, then sat down.Is several through toss around I finally start teaching, at the beginning I am assigned to a primary school.But ambition in my heart didn’t stop in the primary school, I am going to the high school taught a teacher to swallow spittle, seemed at the beginning youth juniority, the just born hair Du wasn’t afraid of dead spirit to again surge forward teacher Chen’s at heart.Immediately after she spoke that she is all the way frustrated, then arrives rain to lead an it is clear now again.Make me profoundly respect and admire.Under the set of the classmate feel more shocked.Have of is discussing, have of at consider I see teacher Chen again, she still sits over there.Silently looking at us, imitating a Buddha her is from the childhood that we saw her on the body.Her eyebrow lightly on lifting, and then push glasses, seem to be still to enjoy in retrospect
I raise head, silently attention rise the teacher’s eyes.Although put on glasses, have a special place:Is bright, specially bright.That turns and is like blinking dew drops to sway on the green lotus, and then is like radiant pearl to slip away in the jade dish.Teacher Chen is still always ready to smile, this is that she gives my biggest impression, her that a good talker mouth smiles have no Ting Ting young girl of very much enamored, also have no very shallow dimples, have plenty of dry the plait on the pomelo hull is wrinkly.Make me thought of the evening on China light beginning, the figure of the front of office;The teaching of classroom, pays effort and sweat
teacher Chen don’t have very standard common speech, in dialect mix up with common speech not smooth, it is a pout, but didn’t is hindrance to what to seem to be very.Teacher Chen is good at to have a talk medium the induction order some knowledge, she tells us the meaning of language in the chat, church my literary grace not bandit however.The mother’s care she always says that she is getting older, but I think that she inside and deeply wears a youth and the teacher’s responsibility, .I prepared a lot of notebooks this semester, because the primary school teacher makes us copy a lot of noteses and also says that all of good teachers are so.But, the this excellent teacher’s deep feeling of teacher Chen combines a luxuriant conversation to make me know a lot, didn’t copy notes, but stuck down a lot of truths.She is that tone, expression and action for talking, be like one more fascinating speech house!The whole 706 classeses stimulated!
all say a strict teacher high Tu I but disagree.Teacher Chen makes amiable, at intimate of talk and play joy in give we are greatly some, small truth.The getting along with of first time allows me to leave to her deep impression, hereafter of the study must be sooner happy.This allows me to fall in love with language and Chinese teacher more!

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fake ugg jimmy choo cover up a head to deeply descend

star war(1)
in the sky of deep blackness, spread all over an innumerable to send forth light and bright stars, they looking at ever that the most beautiful deep blue star the Earth.In short more than 10 years, they personally witness a star that sends forth a bright starlight’s changing unbearably dilapidatedly be full of the nitric of war of smoke.The earth that that is torn to pieces lets to go into to touch eyes shocking.That obscure body lets they matchlessly fear.
new United Nations area in headquarters Peking
in a dark secret room, suddenly spread a burst of hurriedly but again the concussion that was full of step host of the small step voice thousand times of mood.
commander, the whole preparation is ready!Wait your fake ugg jimmy choo to order!Suddenly, step voice Jia however, soon then spread the voice of fake ugg jimmy choo a full of magnetism man.
very good!See to is to arrive while counterattacking we!Ten several years our mankind is subjected to of pain and sufferings, and our common mother’s the Earths’ being subjected to injury finally can requite them today!Words just finished saying, that the secret room being dark suddenly shone to come to the light of a burst of brightness.Shine on two men who wear western dress.An among those lower the head, the noodles permits handsome!But another person then seem to be many old, he sits on a future chair, the double boxing tightly holds, because the mood is excited too much reason but cause arm’s continuously shivering.He suddenly stood, that haded been extending till the scar of neck to unexpectedly wriggle from the face, two pure springs slide past a face to fall low anti- over there the slab of stone of dazzling light up.
the station suddenly stares at the man of one side at this time big double eye, because of too shocked reason, tongue benumbed book get up!Good saw the affair of impossible emergence!Commander dragon unexpectedly smiled to cry!He wants to say and immediately after close tightly of deep eyes well want will just of the appearance remember forever!
feed, I am a dragon in summer, immediately start now 1 class guard, the end war is about to come!Commander dragon aims at to wear to say in the watch on the his hand!Then looking at the tiny smile of that manned to get up:Small beard, don’t in the surprise!Walk, we go to control room BE, commander small ridiculous way, cover up a head to deeply descend!This is the superior whom he esteems highly most at the teacher, he has the whole requests that the necessity obeys him!The morrow then followed a dragon the step in summer to leave!
2017 A.D., a huge macrocosm battleship slowly descends in each corner in the world, this isn’t the being good friends with of star social intercourse!But is hunt Be killed to be hunted to kill ruthlessnessly to prey for food a relation.The card Mu person of that outlooking very much resembling Earth mankind depended on high technology in the future weapon to start a series of large-scale massacre.Short 5 days, numerous national corpse the horizontal time is wild, the blood becomes river.Even world’s strongest country the United States is also an object that can strangle to death with the hands in front of them, finally the mankind start to be understand only all united in one purpose, only gather the whole mankind’s strength just the comeback win is probably.Hence each mastermind of nation in December, 2017 world starts meeting consociation.New United Nations establishes in January, 2018 brought whole mankind a silk drags out a shameful existence of space.The mankind being gradual start resisting and start victory.The proundhearted card Mu person also realized they ever think that the small and weak mankind also started to be strong, hence the card Mu person threw in of troops weapon’s also opening is more and more, strong.The mankind are more and more and greatly also started by pressure.They also start studying high-tech weapon, a condition of neck and neck that makes people laugh also starts appearing, and unexpectedly keeps on for long more than 10 years.Along with horary of change, the Earth is also more and more dilapidated, the mankind are also understand if if this continues, so the Earth then will demolish within 10 years!Hence one is mysterious to plan zero, then and slowly float a surface!
(the not yet fake ugg jimmy choo finished treats continuously)the writing have been in the language importance of a , is to student comprehensive ability, language application of the investigation is also examining to occupy bigger proportion in the score, but how write a good composition, obtain a high mark in the examination, speak but have been a hard nut to crack to the classmates. The expert points out the teachers should the teaching way of thinking is vivid, pay attention to a student individual development, pay attention to the development of student’s language proficiency, pay attention to by the root change the student’s understanding to the language: The score is surely count for much, but should be the exaltation of ability at the same time, depending once and twice and escorting probably and temporarily can obtain good result, but study the decision factor of result:Studying the habit, development with habitual thinking and formation takes certain time.(Next 88)a teacher guide a student, the teacher carries on teaching, or repairs according to the student’s circumstance bad, or lift excellent, carry on characteristic teaching, carry out the teach according to his ability of real meaning.For this, the teacher teaches you to learn good language in the beginning senior high school with the special method.

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