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The grandmother’s grey hair
today, I early and early get up together with grandmother, all affairs worked well and took sunlight bright and beautiful, we take a sunbathe on the veranda together.Unintentionally I discover that the grandmother’s grey hair is more and more.I outward the old woman say:Your grey hair is really many!The grandmother are totally unconcerned ground of to fake uggs 2015 say:It Be getting older.Come, every day, anyway nothing important matter, you pull out several grey hair that grow at the outside for grandmother.Okay!
I picked up a comb first to comb hair for grandmother, the hair in white in the sun specially attractive.I with start to carry 1 to pull out.Grey hair is grasped a hand inside by me, I with want to throw away it, just wanted while throwing, suddenly I felt a little bit the son isn’t willing to give up, these also included the grandmother’s love to me in grey hair!Remember a childhood, the mother works very busy, the grandpa, grandmother hasn’t retired and takes my task to fall fake uggs 2015 on grandmother.The grandmother want to embrace me, and want to do household chores and pretty much get a pain every day.The mother says that my small of time specially difficult take, the mother gets sick while keeping in mind me, so my inborn isn’t enough, usually cry, cry in the daytime, still cry in the evening, it makes the adult sleep not feel.The mother wants to go to work, only grandmother over the night over the night the ground embrace me, feed me to eat and return to sing for me.Several worlds came to grandmother and then losted a turn of, grey hair many several root.Waiting until me is big, the grandmother took me to the country to take.At grandmother’s house a foolish is four years, grandmother’s church I have a meal, walk, talk, go to the stool my aunt to still jokingly say:Is the grandmother’s little daughter every day!
I grew up and followed a mother to go to school now, the grandmother were also rare to come to my house.But almost the grandmother all want to make a phone call to ask my study circumstance and ask my body circumstance every day
how grasp grey hair not to put ah, throw away!The grandmother’s words waked up with a start me.I didn’t throw, but prison ground in the prison grasps:Grandmother, I want to keep it.The grandmother say with smile:Silly kid.Grandmother, I want pull out the next grey hair to make into Chinese brush-pen, like conservancy.The grandmother smiled again.I really pull out next grandmother more than ten grey hair of head, grasp in the hand.I can’t do Chinese brush-pen, ask mother how should make into Chinese brush-pen, fake uggs 2015 the mother also says can’t, I hide these grey hair at the drawer of my desk in.I am good friends with well and enjoy grandmother to my love.

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the dime of campus
I have a beautiful campus and have already grown pretty flower grass in campus tree, there is spacious drill ground, there is high big teaching building.
there is a basketball court in the drill ground, we the right here play fake ugg classic cardy basketball, sport and do to hold every day.Have a the runway of 200 meters on the drill ground.The runway grows the weed of green beside and was like to fake ugg classic cardy infect by to the runway green paint.The runway outer circle grows many trees, there is banyan, the wood lotus, mulberry and snow plum, pine tree and Feng tail Kui, many different trees connect together and is like a big cool Peng, the cool Peng bottom contains many athletics devices, such as high bar, double pole, climb an etc., the classmates can not only exercise, but also can’t insolate the sun.Stick mosaic on the fence of drill ground, there are up many primary schools wasing born in study, the pattern of life, have of is watering flowers, have of there is still in reading fence grandpa Deng Xiaoping of a words:Education wants to face to a modernization, face to a world and face to future.In the east of the drill ground, and one hoists a flag Taiwan, every time round our right here holds on Monday solemn of hoist a flag a rites.
my campus is true the United States!I love my campus!A, fake ugg classic cardy natural be over method after having finished the contents, naturally brings to an end full text, but doesn’t design deep philosophy language of Yun idea sentence,(next 88) the coda like this is called a natural be over method.It completely avoided superfluous, complain without cause of trouble, seem to be simplicity clearly quickly, simple have no China.But pay attention to nature not to mean to follow one’s inclinations, careless careless, but is following the natural trend of the development of thoughts in writing be over full text. (The topic 《season 》 ) this year’s autumn is different, Lin Zi Li didn’t shed leaves, the small root took him to leave all of the school feeses that the school sends behind to don’t need notification to go to school go to.He believes that next year’s summer is cool, pleased of(the topic runs about in the middle of elapsing, the topic 《pomegranate tree 》 ) now summer, I returned to once again, at quick go to the street corner that grandmother’s house turns a corner, the pomegranate tree of one stub branches and leaves bushiness reflected to go into my eyelid, the popular actor orders a point, source of vitality full of life, the door of the memory of my childhood is opened in the in a flash.Have the grandfather kindly smiling face, there is the growth of runt, there are also red and big pomegranate and my tears, they all became the popular actor of treetop and blew to kiss in the light breeze under flutter and dance in the wind, just I don’t know that it is the the that isn’t a grandfather to personally grow for me.

fake ugg fox fur keep on connecting is me would ever how.Being each is tenth

mother, I want to say to you
mother, do you know?You what all good, unique not good BE:You always love to take me to come to climb a ratio with the kid of other people’s house, each time examine after, what other people welcome is “happy embrace”, but what I welcome is a”dignity of knife”.
remember once, I tested 89.5 cents, be when I get hold of book paper your in front your faces are all annoyed slanting form, denounce openly a way:”How to so don’t fight to excel your this kid!You see the flower flower of next door house, she tested 98 cent, much good!How can you not make me save heart in the province!”Your spittle as if one chase sharp knife toward me stab, my young and small mind is stabbed by you of thousand Chuangs are 100 bores and discommode of the tears be like the bead son of breaking the line to spread to drop down.I lower the head, I don’t want to show you I to flow tears, and I by hand and secretly blur out tears.You continue to scold, I finally cannot helped but, my dignity told me, can not endure again.I am also a person, I will be also suffered, and I can not allow someone to trample my dignity.I a brain ground hurtled into room, but the tears had no any further, I was just”thunder”, soon I asleep.However, I unclearly invite about of feel that someone is that warm hand to my cover quilt ……
mother, I know that you love me, but love not is to climb a ratio, fake ugg fox fur love also not is show.The love is a kind of happiness, a kind of comprehension.Hope you can change this trouble, can let after finishing testing and trying I also once”happy embrace”!
I ask a son before going to bed every day:”Is the mother good?”
the son answer:”Good.”
I ask again:”Mother where good?”
son meeting habitual the ground answer:”The mother grows good-looking.”
then I fully satisfiedly tell a story for son.
a day evening, I ask so again of time, husband beside Du Rang:”Always ask so, all influence the son’s esthetic sense.” The fantasy type composition is to suppose a kind of scene, the author completes with the imagination of composition.For example, 《if I am to help male 》, 《 stand at what the moon top thoughts of 》, 《 Mr. Yu and the second-time meeting of Zhi Sou 》, 《 after 20 years my a day 》 etc..The characteristics of this kind of question in composition test is:The freedom is vivid, unrestrained, thought to be free from restriction, can maneuver to gallop about, soar to the skies hover.Writing this composition has to notice following what time:

a, have to be concrete but meticulous of description.Is concrete but meticulous of the description is a composition image vivid essential condition.Abstract general, there is no concrete case, impossible attraction reader.If write 《if I am help male 》 , should concentrate to write like 23 concrete cases, some classmate each one firsts are “if my benefit is male”, keep on connecting is me would ever how.Being each is tenth, 35, totally wrote a segment, is all dry and hard, the contents is dishonest at, be in need of image.

two, have to have an explicit topic.The fantasy type composition has to extremely and extensively choose material world, but this not that it can thought of what write what, it is also similar to the composition of other types, have to have an explicit topic, the material chosen has to surround this topic.《If I am benefit Mr. 》 is this composition, its topic should is be like help male so suppress strong hand weak, Cheng the bad Yang is kind, choose of the material will can embody this.But some classmates after writing become to help male assiduous delve into science, acquired a national science and technology prize, this visited to fake ugg fox fur leave topic.

three, go into to have to be quick.Write this composition, had better direct from condition and details commence and abandon the whole set of words.But some composition opening remarkses of classmates are too many, slowly said a lot of words of surpluses, such as while writing 《Mr. Yu and the second-time meeting of Zhi Sou 》 , what”the determined old fool can move a mountain is a literary reference”, “this literary reference has deep meaning”, etc., rounded a few turn sons first, then went into, garrulous, not very simple and direct.

four, have to have reality basis.Fantasy type composition expression of mostly author of ideal, the ideal is fake ugg fox fur to realistically fold light, it can attain or can carry out after effort.There is a classmate that write 《if I am help male 》 , say help male call on the teacher of sick A, the treasure is 1, make the low short cabin become a big house right away, and spacious brightness, the sunlight is ample.This is the establishment in the realistic foundation of, because of constructing a house like this for teacher is become realistic.If change so:Teacher A lives in the cave, dark damp, help a male, immediately become a palace of magnificent, teacher AN is correcting a homework in the palace, this doesn’t suit actual.

the contents of fantasy type composition usually is an ideal life, full of truth among them, also usually is expressing of author’s intense emotion.Thus, had better write with the style of writing of glow with enthusiasm and joyful alacrity.