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Welcome to my new photo blog! Thank you so much for stopping by!

I grew up in the Detroit area and now live in the Grand Rapids area with my incredibly supportive husband who I met at Mardi Gras many years ago. I subject my three adorable kids with completely different personalities, two dogs, and two cats to photographs daily. I find it very hard to put down my camera as there is always something to capture that is beautiful or meaningful. And bonus points if I am able to incorporate an image into a clever or unique perspective.

My images are known for their happiness and brightness with a spontaneous and artistic spin and a strong emphasis on composition. I am known for my patience with little ones and my desire to get unique and memorable pictures of all of my subjects. I focus in and allow them to be themselves and indulge in their personalities. Watching parents adore their little ones during our sessions is incredibly rewarding and I am honored to adorn their walls with those images.

While being creative is very rewarding to me, being practical is what grounds me. At a photoshoot, you are not going to see me all dressed up in heels with a fancy coffee in hand. Comfort and practicality is most important so that I can create without distraction. I understand younger children are not going to want to sit still and I expect to move around and interact with them as much as possible. I love movement and emotion like you would see in some of the works of my favorite Italian Renaissance artists. I know older kids and adults are not used to having their pictures formally taken and I have lots of ideas to facilitate making memorable images.

Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from past sessions and feel free to comment. Please contact me for your very own photo session or to discuss any questions you may have. I love my little online network so you are welcome to follow me through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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